Toddler & Pre-Nursery


Children whose turn to be 18 months before October 31st and haven’t turned to be 3 years old yet till October 31st will be placed in Toddler – Pre-Nursery Class.

Toddler & Pre-Nursery Curriculum Overview :

Language Skills

The child responds and makes social greetings, expresses needs and wants, repeats simple rhymes and songs, attends to short story telling, follow simple oral directions and repeats words/phrases in English.

Cognitive Skills

The child recognizes objects in the environment, letter sounds, numbers and names colors and shapes.

Self-Help Skills

The child puts her own belongings in his/her cubby hole, return materials in their proper places, washes and dries hands, takes off his/her shoes and sets his/her own table for snacks.

Motor skills

The child responds to simple dance steps, imitates creative body movements (animals, transportation, etc.), manipulates blocks, opens and closes box/containers and uses different art materials.

Socialization Skills

The child enjoys school activities, shares and take turns with his/her friends and recognizes people in school.